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FOCUS 2023 September issue opens to all dental hygienists

The September issue of FOCUS digital publication is now available to all dental hygienists as open access, and features:

  • CEO’s message about the  College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario (CDHO)’s decision to rescind the Standard for Authorization to Self-Initiate Profession Specific Acts;
  • discussion on diabetes and oral health in the Research Corner;
  • the article Autumn, is it time to audit your practice? written by Anne Augustin, a member of Infection Prevention and Control Canada;
  • 2023 Educator’s forum recap and a student ambassador profile;
  • Q&A with Orascoptic for ODHA members interested in Orascoptic loupe products (note: Orascoptic offers a discount as a member benefit); and
  • online courses for your professional development needs.

And more…

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