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Electronic cigarette and JUUL use increasing among young people

Electronic cigarette and JUUL use increased in every age group, particularly in adolescents and young adults from 2018 to 2019, according to a recent JAMA Pediatric study. This study found that the e-cigarette device JUUL appears to be associated with the youth e-cigarette epidemic, attracting new users and facilitating frequent use with their highly addictive nicotine content and appealing flavours.

The cohort study included 14,379 adolescents and young adults aged 18-24 years. Results show JUUL use increased among this age group and was the highest among those aged 18-20 years. The evidence also suggests young people are using e-cigarettes more frequently suggesting increased abuse potential.

JUUL’s popularity among adolescents is fuelled by the appealing flavours which was noted as the top reason for initially trying e-cigarettes. This study contributes to the growing evidence the use of e-cigarettes, particularly JUUL, is becoming an accepted part of youth culture. Not surprisingly, the evidence shows e-cigarette manufacturers have been actively targeting young people through outlets such as social media.

Targeted action and required intervention is necessary to deter young people from using electronic cigarettes. The results also suggest the need for greater regulation of e-cigarettes.

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