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Celebrating audiocast 100th episode

In celebration of our audiocast’s milestone 100th episode, Episode 100, with its Keynotes and Resources, is open to ODHA members and non-members.

Episode 100 – Antimicrobial Resistance

Episode 100 of Conversations with Dr. Glogauer and Kim Ivan on antimicrobial resistance is now available. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) threatens the effective prevention and treatment of an ever-expanding range of infections and increases risk of disease spread, severe illness, and death. AMR contributes to almost 5 million deaths from bacterial infections alone each year. Without intervention, AMR could result in up to 10 million deaths a year globally by 2050.

Join Dr. Glogauer and Kim Ivan for discussion on this global health crisis. Topics include:

  • Drivers of AMR, including dental prescriptions, clients, and COVID-19;
  • Chlorhexidine, triclosan, and vaccines;
  • oral MRSA and antibiotic-resistant periodontal pathogens; and
  • opportunities for the oral health team to reduce AMR.

Keynotes and over 65 additional resources are provided to enhance learning, including several client resources.

About the ODHA Audiocast

At ODHA, we are committed to fostering continuous professional growth. Our members enjoy exclusive benefits, including biweekly updates and new audiocast episodes. These episodes are meticulously curated by our hosts, Dr. Michael Glogauer, DDS, Ph.D., Dip. Perio, and Kim Ivan, RDH, BIS (Hon). Each session delves into evidence-based topics, providing invaluable insights relevant to the dynamic field of oral health. There are 24 new audiocast episodes each year, representing over 14 hours of professional development. and 24 keynotes and more than 841 additional resources included for quality assurance learning goals. Plus, over 112 client resources to share in practice.

To listen to other episodes, click here.



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